SE200 Custom Package

SE200 Forced Draft Combustion Drive

SE200 Forced Draft Combustion Drive is specifically designed for integration with forced draft combustion applications.

This unit has an onboard PLC which allows site shutdowns to be connected directly to the unit.  With our custom programming we can annunciate the individual shutdowns on the VFD HMI.  Custom logic is available to suit each application.  We also have onboard PID control which allows the end user to set a desired set point and the unit will automatically maintain the set point via the external feedback signal.  We can also integrate this unit with external controllers to ensure the proper output air flow rate is achieved for efficient operation.

These units can be used on combustion air blowers or fans of any size or model.  Sizing of the units to be based on motor horsepower.


Equipment Features:

  • 1HP-800HP, 230VAC/460VAC/600VAC
  • Manual and Automatic speed control
    • Manual speed control via door mounted speed potentiometer
    • Automatic speed control via analog input #2 (from external source)
  • Onboard PID speed control via Automatic speed control mode (PID set point adjustable on the VFD HMI)
  • Capability to loop power a transmitter for PID control
  • 1 Phase – 3 Phase Incoming Power Conversion
  • Auto Restart on VFD Faults or shutdowns
  • Annunciation of shutdowns on VFD HMI
  • Precise speed control
  • Automatic timer on /off control available

Offers power savings when compared to the blower being operated with a starter

SE200 Oil Well Drives can REDUCE energy costs up to 40% over applications without a variable frequency drive. While reducing overall energy consumption and eliminating peak demand charges the SE200 has a short timeline for return on investment.

Technical Support:

SEEL employees are available 24/7 to provide expertise support.  Whether technicians are required for field support or over the phone support SEEL is here to stand behind our products.  We employ Engineering Technicians and Electricians that have extensive application and field experience and are able to help at any time.

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